The Journey of Lontreau

Behind Lontreau lies a story of genuine care and a deep-rooted passion for supporting individuals in their pursuit of wellness. Founded by Angie Buonassisi, a dedicated mother and co-founder of medical aesthetics practice, 8 West Clinic, Lontreau is a heartfelt endeavor to provide effective skincare solutions tailored to the needs of active and health conscious individuals.

Angie's journey began with her own experiences as an endurance athlete, where she grappled with the challenges of protecting her skin amidst daily exposure to the elements. This personal struggle fueled her determination to develop skincare products that not only shield the skin but also nurture its health and resilience without having to give up her love for the outdoors. 

Drawing from her extensive background in medical aesthetics, Angie brings a wealth of knowledge to Lontreau's formulation process. Her insights into a wide array of skincare treatments—from topical remedies to advanced procedures—inform every product, ensuring they meet the highest standards while being proudly crafted in Canada. This dedication results in skincare solutions that are both effective and gentle on the skin.

Driven by a sincere commitment to supporting individuals on their wellness journey, Lontreau empowers every customer to feel confident and cared for, whether you're a seasoned athlete, simply enjoy staying active, or prioritize clean, non-toxic skincare. In line with this dedication to skin health and overall well-being, all Lontreau products are meticulously formulated to be free from endocrine disruptors, offering a safe alternative for those seeking to cut out toxic ingredients from their routines.

Join us as we embark on this inspiring journey of self improvement and empowerment with Lontreau. Together, let's embrace wellness in all its forms and celebrate the beauty of living an active, fulfilling life. Try out our Core 4 Kit today with a special code, just for you - JOURNEY35 for 35% off your order!


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