Our Journey

We know skin

As an endurance athlete, our founder Angie Buonassisi knows first hand how challenging it is to keep skin protected from the elements when training and playing involve daily exposure to sun, wind, cold and chemicals. As the co-founder of renowned medical aesthetics practice 8 West Clinic, she has intimate knowledge of the full spectrum of treatments, from topical products to laser treatments to oral supplementation, for optimizing skin health. The team behind Lontreau is passionate about sport and uses their own experience to develop products that can benefit everyone from everyday movers to competitive athletes.

Informed by Science

Designed to Move

People on the move expect a lot from their bodies - but what about their skin? From the chlorine of a pool to the pollution from road cycling or the extreme cold of skiing, our skin is constantly up against the elements. That’s why we create ingredient-rich formulations that are designed specifically for an active person's skin. We thoughtfully select our ingredients to create efficacious formulas that work as hard as you do.

Our Values

We want to inspire the Lontreau community with stories from everyday movers to professional athletes that are doing (and have done) exceptional things.

Lontreau is for everyone from movement enthusiasts to professional athletes. We want to provide a positive environment and community to connect and inspire.

Our community spends a lot of time outdoors and we want to show our respect for the planet we love to explore. Lontreau is a member of the 1% for the Planet network, donating 1% of our annual gross sales to environmental non-profits. We are also Plastic Negative which means we remove twice as much plastic from the environment as we produce. We are focused on creating sustainable initiatives for our future.

We're more passionate about the journey than the goals at the finish line. We don’t use language that speaks to perfection, instead, we like to focus on health.

Our Mission

Create regenerative

skincare products that work

as hard as you do.

Who we are

The team behind Lontreau is passionate about sport and use their own experience to develop products that can benefit everyone.

Angie Buonassisi
Founder & CEO

Angie is a dedicated athlete trying to balance sport, activities with her young children and work. Like most modern women trying to find balance in a demanding world, she doesn’t have time for a complicated skincare routine. She was inspired to develop a line of products that support the extreme conditions of an athlete’s lifestyle — from pollution to the elements. As the co-owner of 8 West Clinic, she sees the concerns and needs of thousands of patients. Beyond creating a skincare brand that meets the unique needs of an athlete’s skin, she is also passionate about creating a community that is inspired by the support and strength of female athletes. This year she served her 6th and final year on the Board of Directors for Cycling BC. Angie is also a founding member of Team Velogrit Lontreau, a group of women committed to pushing themselves on the bike, friendship and fun. In 2021 & 2022 the team crafted their own events as part of the Courage 2 Go Further challenge in support of Coast Mental Health. In addition to riding 220km in 2021 and over 5,000 vertical metres in 2022, the team raised $110k for Coast Mental Health, inspiring those around them to set lofty goals!

A Skin Journey

Defy the elements,

Defy expectations

Our Features

Buonassisi wasn’t about to miss a run because of her skin-care routine, so she set out to create a product that offered similar benefits without the retinol. This inspired her four-step skin-care line Lontreau, which she launched this year. Learn more...

"The founder challenged herself to strive for the ultimate in clean standards, with each product formulated to theCredo Beauty Clean Standard — considered by many to be the industry benchmark." Read More...

Clean Biomimetic Skincare

"Lontreau makes skincare for people on the move. Lontreau's products are clinical grade and mindfully made with responsibly sourced, sustainable and effective ingredients that support people on the move. The Canadian brand sets itself apart in a crowded space with an innovative biomimetic approach to skincare." Read more...

Powerful Antioxidant Serums

"Titled 'Game Changer,' this global antioxidant serum is packed with nine types of antioxidants, offering "broad spectrum protection against a wide range of free radicals, infrared rays, blue light, and environmental stressors." The formula works to energize the skin while strengthening the skin barrier and improving skin hydration and elasticity." Read more...

"As the world marks International Women's Day, there are calls for greater supports for women in business. As Christa Dao reports, it's women themselves right now who are helping each other overcome challenges many men don't face." See full interview with Lontreau founder & CEO Angie Buonassisi.

Lontreau founder Angie Buonassisi has first-hand experience of how regular exercise can affect the skin. As an endurance athlete, she found that traditional skin-care products often caused irritation or photosensitivity. Read more...

"When it comes to skincare, there are many areas typically targeted - from anti-aging to maintaining softness and hydration. For those who live a more active lifestyle compared to the average person, there are even more factors that can affect your skin. This is where Lontreau comes into play." Read more...

"Lontreau was started by Angie Buonassisi, an athlete and one of the co-founders of 8 West Clinic, when she was looking for a simple lineup of clinical-grade products effective enough to work for people with active outdoor lifestyles but clean enough to meet the Credo Clean Standard, the strictest benchmark in the beauty industry." Read more...

"Lontreau’s Global Antioxidant Serum is a hydrating serum with nine types of antioxidants to offer broad spectrum protection against a wide range of free-radicals, infrared rays, blue light, and environmental stressors." Check it out!

“My skincare was making it so that I had to make a choice between, Am I going to go on a run today or am I going to use my skincare routine?" 

Equally frustrated and inspired, Buonassisi decided the only way forward was to develop a line for people like her: the outdoors-loving, classic Pacific Northwest folks who are outside year-round, whether they’re running, swimming, hiking or biking in the summer, and skiing in the winter. Read more...