Core Collection

Formulated by experts. Lontreau was founded by Vancouver native, athlete and co-founder of renowned practice 8 West Clinic, Angie Buonassisi. With over 10 years
of experience in medical aesthetics and skincare, Buonassisi was inspired to develop a line of products that streamlined skincare yet provided enough support for the extreme environmental conditions of individuals with an active lifestyle.

“I worked with the best formulators in the field to source clinical grade, clean, and bio-compatible ingredients of the highest quality to protect and nourish the skin barrier” says Angie.

Crafted with purpose, Lontreau is a curated group of products formulated to provide defence against environmental stressors, brighten, smooth, hydrate, and energize the skin.
  • Game Changer Global Antioxidant Serum Enriched with 9 types of antioxidants, Game Changer is a lightweight, high performance serum that offers broad spectrum protection against free radicals, infrared rays and blue light while energizing and hydrating the skin at the cellular level.
  • Endurance Hydration Energizing Protective Hydrator is a moisturizing oil-free hydrator designed to nourish and protect while optimizing the skin’s water reserves and leaving your skin barrier feeling nourished and protected.
  • MVP 30% Vitamin C in Squalane is an advanced, gentle form of stabilized vitamin C that gently brightens and smoothes your complexion. Enriched with peptides and augmented with a tightening ingredient, the formula also promotes visible skin regeneration, making it a true MVP in your routine!
  • Recovery Hero Overnight Restorative Treatment is a potent overnight restorative treatment is formulated with clinically proven ingredients that exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, delivering retinol-like results without the irritation. Mix it with MVP and wake up to smoother and more radiant skin!