Our Standards

Our journey to sustainable

As everyday movers, we enjoy the benefits of our environment with every run, ski and ride. We choose better quality gear from ethical manufacturers, drink from reusable containers and tread lightly when we train. We do this because we’re all trying to make positive changes for a more sustainable future. We acknowledge getting better is a journey, here’s what Lontreau is doing to get there.


All our ingredient-dense formulations are designed to simplify your skincare routine by supporting barrier function and reducing waste caused by product overconsumption. We focus on finding and selecting ingredients that are clinically proven to be efficacious, natural, responsibly sourced, renewable and, whenever possible, manufactured in Canada. As part of our commitment to clean, we've carefully avoided over 2,700 ingredients frequently used in mainstream beauty products.


Along with our commitment to reducing packaging waste through synergistic formulations (meaning our formulations do more than just one thing), we've specially designed our packaging to be BPA free and 100% recyclable. We are Plastic Negative and we are continuing to focus on improving our environmental footprint.

Packaging Features

Our serums are stability-tested and safely housed in 100% recyclable airless containers. Our unique packaging protects the ingredients from oxidization to ensure the longevity and integrity of every Lontreau product. Without springs, the mono-material technology allows the entire package to be recycled and keeps things lightweight so your kit can come with you, wherever you go.

No Fuss Formulations

Our synergistic formulations are designed to simplify your skincare routine. Every step in the Lontreau Core 4 Kit can be pumped directly into your hand, emulsified and applied all at once. Skip the multi-step routine and focus on the things that move you with Lontreau's science-backed formulas.

Our Global

Citizenship Goals

We challenged ourselves to make products that are beyond clean and formulated according to the Credo Beauty “Clean” standard, which to date, is the strictest of the industry. We avoid over 2,700 specific ingredients and types of ingredients that are used in mainstream beauty products, but that Credo prohibits due to safety and/or sustainability reasons.

We avoid plastic whenever possible — our boxes don’t have plastic film for a reason. When we can’t avoid plastic, we offset it through the rePurpose Plastic Negative program. Just like in our training, we don’t take any shortcuts and have committed to plastic negative not just plastic neutral.

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions. We donate 1% of revenue to certified charities in the 1% community.