Our Philosophy

We know skin

Lontreau is founded by the co-founder of renowned medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgery clinic, 8 West Clinic. With over a decade in the business of skin, Lontreau products have been developed to support the common concerns of clients, while being uniquely tailored to people on the move. The team behind Lontreau is passionate about sport and use their own experience to develop products that can benefit everyone from everyday movers to all types of athletes.

A Skin Journey

Defy the elements,

Defy expectations

No Fuss Formulations

Our synergistic formulations are designed to simplify your skincare routine. Every step in the Lontreau Core Kit can be pumped directly into your hand, emulsified and applied all at once. Skip the multi-step routine and focus on the things that move you with Lontreau's science-backed formulas.



We don’t believe in junk miles when we train, and we carry that same ethos into our brand: every ingredient and every element of packaging is here for a reason. Learn more about what makes our formulations unique.

Live To Move

Our Values

We want to inspire the Lontreau community with stories from everyday and professional athletes that are doing (and have done) exceptional things.

Lontreau is for everyone from movement enthusiasts to professional athletes. We want to provide a positive environment and community to connect and inspire.

Our community spends a lot of time outdoors and we want to show our respect for the planet we love to explore. Lontreau is a member of the 1% for the Planet network, donating 1% of our annual gross sales to environmental non-profits. We are also Plastic Negative which means we remove twice as much plastic from the environment as we produce. We are focused on creating sustainable initiatives for our future.

We're more passionate about the journey than the goals at the finish line. We don’t use language that speaks to perfection, instead, we like to focus on health.