Elevate Your Skin Game: Unveiling Athlete Jennifer Casson's Ritual with Lontreau Skincare

Explore the skincare regimen of elite athlete Jennifer Casson in our latest blog post. From her rigorous Olympic training to her commitment to meaningful causes, Jennifer's journey is truly inspiring. Discover how Lontreau Skincare products, with the MVP being her favorite but an affection for the entire line, play a crucial role in maintaining her skin's health and radiance, reflecting the resilience and care she extends to every aspect of her life.


Are you ready to elevate your skin game? If so, you're in for a treat as we delve into the skincare regimen of none other than Jennifer Casson, an Olympic rower representing Canada in the lightweight women's double. Her training regimen is nothing short of grueling, with 5-6 hours of training per day, six days a week. This demanding schedule includes rowing, the rowing machine, running, road and land cycling, and weight lifting. Notably, Jenny holds the Lightweight World Record for the 2k and 6k ergometer tests, a testament to her unwavering dedication and hard work.


Born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, Jenny pursued higher education at the University of Tulsa in Oklahoma, graduating with a degree in exercise and sport science in 2017. Following her studies, she ventured to Vancouver Island to embark on her journey as a national team competitor and dedicated athlete. Jenny’s impressive career includes participation in five World Championships and one Olympic Games, and she's currently striving to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games alongside her doubles partner, Jill Moffatt.


Beyond her rigorous training and athletic accomplishments, Jenny dedicates her time to meaningful causes. She is an active member of the AthleteCan Leadership Committee and serves as an ambassador for Classroom Champions. She is also working towards an employment relations certificate from Queens University, leveraging her knowledge and experience to collaborate with companies that align with her values. It was through this journey that Jennifer discovered Lontreau Skincare, a brand that would soon become her trusted companion.

 In the pursuit of her Olympic dreams, Jenny understands the importance of taking care of her skin. As an athlete with a history of cystic acne, acne scars, and sensitive skin, and being exposed to the elements, she is meticulous about the products she uses on her face. Jenny knows that as she ages, her skin requires more care than ever. Her search for the perfect skincare solution led her to Lontreau.

Jenny’s introduction to Lontreau Skincare began earlier this summer when she tried our Core 4 Kit. In her words, her first impression was “nothing short of extraordinary.” She was captivated by the brand's commitment to quality and the attention to detail that goes into crafting each product. Jenny trusted our brand to care for her skin, knowing that our products are specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by individuals who expose themselves to the elements. 

These challenges include persistent sweating, the constant need to shower, perpetually dry skin, prolonged sun exposure, wind exposure, and exposure to harsh cold temperatures. Jenny’s trust in Lontreau runs deep, and she proudly incorporates our skincare regimen into her daily routine, using it twice a day. She knows that just like her, Lontreau works tirelessly to help her skin look and feel its best, no matter the conditions she faces.

In a recent conversation with Jenny, we couldn't resist asking her a playful yet essential question: "If you were stranded on a deserted island, which Lontreau product would you want with you?" Without hesitation, Jenny shared her choice, expressing, "If I was stranded on a deserted island, I would want the MVP for sure. The 4 Core Kit would be the best-case scenario, but there is something about the MVP that always makes my skin feel like it's getting back exactly what it needs." Lets hope you never get stuck in the position to pick just one product, Jenny!

Jenny Casson's remarkable journey as an Olympic rower is a testament to her unwavering dedication and passion for her sport. Her commitment to excellence extends beyond the water and into her skincare routine with Lontreau. If you're seeking skincare products that can stand up to the demands of an active lifestyle while providing the care and attention your skin deserves, follow Jenny's lead and discover the transformative power of Lontreau Skincare.

 Join us on this incredible journey, and let Lontreau Skincare help you achieve the radiant, healthy skin you deserve – no matter where life takes you. Learn more...